1992-2000 Founder Canan Çimenbiçer, acted as a member of the board of directors and management at the publishing, and research organization İNTERPRO A.Ş. serving the Information and Communication sector. .
2000 AtlasPR was founded and the software company ARGES was the first customer.
  Coordinated the documentary film “From Tablets to Internet” sponsored by KOÇ NET.
2001 Began working as PR and advertising agency with one of the world's first three software companies CA.
  Coordinated the HP-sponsored documentary film "The Edge of Discovery" .
2002 OYAK group IT company OYTEK was founded and began working wıth AtlasPR.
  "Education Management Systems" conference was held at Yeditepe University along with TBD.
2003 "BilgiTech" exhibition and conference was held with Denizli Pamukkale University.
2004 Entered the textile sector with Turkey’s most prominent textile firm as PR agency for LITTLEBIG(LTB).
  Launched the opening of LTB sponsored “Tünel Arts Festival”
2005 Completed "CA Days Istanbul and Ankara," events supported with theatrical events.
  WIDEX Hearing Aids distributor in Turkey, Elektromediks, becomes the first of customers in the health sector.
  Organization of OYAK TELEKOM Press Conference.
2006 PATCHI chocolates, FOODROME and PARTNERS RESTAURANT are served PR agency services.
  Sponsorship consultancy services for the European Women's Volleyball Championship.
2007 EQUINOX project launch and sponsorship consultancy at the Prag Quadrinal.
  Consultancy support for the launchs of the Galata Festival and FEF (Physically Impaired Organization) .
  ECZACIBAŞI BİLİŞİM (EBİ), DOXOFT and BT BİLGİ join the group of IT sector companies.
2008 Held the press launch of "SAFETY ISTANBUL" Occupational Safety Conference and Trade Fair
  Increased awareness in the field of cultural arts with the press launches of the "Fairground" movie, Erzurum Dadaş Film Festival and Kelkit Basın Development Cooperation Virtual Museum projects.
2009 Provided support through sponsorship consultancy services for the quick archiving of documents and information of the KAYSERİ KÜLTEPE excavations.
  Began e-marketing consultancy services for the MOTOROLA Turkey distributor Novatel.
2010 Solar energy leader EZİNÇ becomes a PR agency client from the energy sector.
  Completed CA EMEA CIO Forum executive meetings
  Conducted EBİ ve AON Benfield customer satısfaction research.
2011 Press launch held for EurosiaOtobike Expo.
  Provide PR agency services for leading Mobile Payment Systems, GLOBAL PAYMENT and a leading company in the IT sector for system and backup / deduplication GLASSHOUSE.
2012 Completed value added marketing services for companies in the IT sector such as LOGICOM, ERPA, PERCEPTION and CDT
2013 Provide PR agency project base services for BT Bilgi and İşNet.
  Press and customer launch held for Paritus Intelligent Search Solutions
2014 In the field of cultural arts provide PR agency services for 9th International Dadas Film Festival and 2. Red Tulip Film Festival (Kırmızı Lale Fil Festivali) in Turkey and Holland.
2015 Media communication of MIMARISTUDIO has been accomplished.
Provided PR agency services for the book called "Yoldan Çekilin Hedefteyim" of author Bahar Madazlı along with publication consultancy.
4. Kırmızı Lale Film Festival served as pr agency.
2016 Started working with FNB as pr agency which is a well known sports complex in Istanbul.
Began providing marketing and pr support for DRAMA FILM PRODUCTION COMPANY and also the movie called "Mavi Bisiklet-Blue Bicycle"