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Canan Çimenbiçer
Genel Müdür
Observations in the sector show that communication activities that are correctly planned and implemented; keeping companies a few steps ahead of their competitors, have increased the demand for Marketing and Public Relations (PR) agencies. 

As a “boutique” agency we take our place in this sector by providing correctly planned marketing communications that create a difference. 

It is important for us to complete each project with flawless planning to ensure the satisfaction and provide added value to every individual account. 

As the AtlasPR team, we have made it our principle to work alongside the marketing departments of the accounts we serve. Our aim is to utilize the right communication tools to help them reach their marketing and communication goals. 

On behalf of the management of our company, we believe that the satisfaction of our employees is also extremely important and that their satisfaction will influence the success of our company in reaching our goals. We show the same concern for our employees as we do for our customers. As a result “internal communication” is a part of our company philosophy. The AtlasPR team often gathers to share ideas and thoughts with each other to promote employee communications and interaction. 

In our industry, a true perception of service value can be obtained, but only through detailed research and reporting. At times service values can be misperceived. We provided accurate research and reporting as part of our services. 

In recent years, we are happy to see that companies and management within the companies have come to acknowledge the alternative advantages of social media. These positive developments are a driving force giving us the opportunity to provide greater creativity for our accounts. Among our future goals, for our clents as well as for our employees, are continous developement of marketing and communications projects that provide satisfaction for all. 

Canan Çimenbiçer
AtlasPR and Organisation
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